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Consumer Reports ranked Integrity’s Wood Ultrex Double Hung #2 after Marvin’s Ultimate Clad Double Hung Window, October, 2007

Manufactured to be Green!  Ultrex is made with 10% recycled material, and the glass in Integrity products contains 15%-33% recycled content. Additionally, Ultrex requires 39% less energy to product than vinyl and is inert, unlike vinyl/PVC, which can emit harmful environmental gas, pigments and dyes as it degrades. The Ultrex manufacturing facility is the only pultrusion company to fully comply with the EPA’s 1990 Clean Air Act and has been designated as a MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technology) facility!

Energy Efficiency- ENERGY STAR qualified windows can save you fifteen percent off your total energy bill. And Integrity form Marvin products don’t simply qualify for the energy star rating; they exceed its performance requirements! Ultrex is 500 times less conductive than aluminum. And-compared to single-pane unglazed windows- Integrity’s double-pane windows with Low E II coating can  reduce window heat loss and cut costs by 34% in cold climates and cut cooling costs by 38% in warm climates. With Energy costs rising daily, and possible shortages in the future, Integrity windows are a green, eco-friendly answer to your home energy saving needs.

ULTREX:  looks like a beauty. Works Like a beast.

Ultrex is Pultruded fiberglass (thin strands of strong glass cables that are saturated with specially compounded resins to create a remarkably durable material). Ultrex is 8x stronger than vinyl! Ultrex windows stand up to rain, wind, heat and time-looking beautiful and performing well, long after other window and doors have lost their luster.  A patented high-performance coating process, superior to anything else on the market, puts down a heavy acrylic finish: no pin-holes, no striations, no calking, no fading, no scratching, no UV degradation – no worries. Ultrex -Tough, Dependable, non-corrosive and low maintenance.

Integrity’s All Ultrex windows (geared towards new construction/available in standard sizing) are available with Stone White, Pebble Gray, Bronze, Evergreen and Cashmere exteriors that can also be painted with no impact on its protective properties. The interiors of the All Ultrex Series is created with the same durable material as the exterior and comes in a Stone White finish. You can even order GBG’s (grills between the glass) in various cuts with stone white interiors and Stone White, Pebble Gray, Bronze, Evergreen or Cashmere exteriors to give your home the special look you desire. The All Ultrex series come in single hung, double hung, glider, picture, transom and polygon windows to meet your highest expectations!

Integrity’s Wood Ultrex windows received the 2007 BICA (Best in class award) for the top overall brand vinyl and composite window by builders, contractors and retailers!  With Ultrex exteriors and hand-crafted pine wood interiors these window will enhance any home! With the Wood Ultrex you can choose bare wood or pre-finished white interiors with Stone White, Pebble Gray, Bronze, Evergreen and Cashmere exteriors. And with the Wood Ultrex you can add SDL (simulated divided Lites) finished to match your interior and exterior finish options or GBG (Grilles-between-the Glass) with white interior and Stone White, Pebble Gray, Bronze, Evergreen or Cashmere exterior to match your exterior window finish! The Wood Ultrex series is available in double hung, awning, glider, casement, picture, polygon and round top windows. Integrity’s Wood Ultrex  Sliding Patio Door,  Sliding French Door, Inswing French Door or Outswing French Door will add lasting beauty to your home while bringing years of functionality.

With Marvin’s Ultrex Series windows and doors you are making an excellent decision in adding energy efficient, green, products to your home.  The Ultrex Series windows and doors will add exceptional beauty with low maintenance for years to come. As part of the Marvin family of product lines, Integrity windows and doors share the same heritage of quality, reliability and fine workmanship.  For more than 65 years, Marvin has been building a reputation as the maker of superior, long-lasting windows and doors for homes.

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